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Molecular History Research Center

The purpose of the Molecular History Research Center, a nonprofit organization, is to conduct research for the purpose of pursuing Molecular theories that have a Biblical Creation perspective. If Creation as described in the Bible is true, then a better understanding of the history of the Earth as well as the origin and history of life itself on this world will be possible.

The research results and summaries of current knowledge will both be published in the traditional sense and on the World Wide Web. The Web pages are for the dissemination of information to the general public.

Is there any aspect of the Creation paradigm that make it more satisfying scientifically than Evolution?

Yes there are topics involving ancient DNA and Amino Acids, mitochondrial DNA, random mutations and various dating methods that do give very satisfying answers in a short chronology.

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I once commented to an acquaintance that I planned to do some research within a Creation/short chronology framework. He was struck with amazement. He could not believe I was serious but He wanted to be polite. He probably thought it was best to leave me alone rather than to ask embarrassing questions; but, It didn't take long before he asked a few questions.

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The MHR Center is currently looking at possible explanations for the formation of unprocessed pseudogenes. Are pseudogenes the result of unsuccessful biological experiments in the Evolutionary process or are pseudogenes the product of degradation since the time when God's original creation occured? What kind of evidence could we use to determine the answer?

Research is continuing. Preliminary evidence suggests that there might be an answer to explain the existence of identical non-functional unprocessed pseudogenes in different species such as man, chimpanzee, gorilla, gibbons, baboon and other primates.

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Dedicated to conducting creation research in Molecular Biological issues. Presently the MHRC is researching possible explanations for the formation of unprocessed pseudogenes.

Is there a God who has created all things? Or have all things come about by natural processes? I am amazed that people do not know this simple fact: that science cannot determine which assumption for our past is true.

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